A collectivized app

Currently, there are many mobile applications from the world of fitness where yoga classes are offer in a wide variety of fitness options, this way yoga studios can promote themselves and include an alternative source of income for these centers. The Yogapp project is an application were yoga studios are the owners of this service, to better perform these functions and others in a self-managed way and more in line with the philosophy of yoga, deciding the most convenient mechanisms for both entities and users.

In addition, cooperativism is an alternative to better face economic issues. The intercooperative experience shows real examples to deal with economic difficulties through mutual aid. Emergency funds, insurance, scale purchases, less expensive teachers training, to give social security to workers, are some of the mechanisms that can be established with these objectives. Another option is the joint promotion, publicity, and socail dissemination of yoga and its benefits, so that it reaches more people in a more accessible way, so that its practice and economic dimension grows, and all of us who are part of that sector are benefited, besides the benefits of yoga that would be spilled over by increasing awareness and health in the world.

Commons economics and technology, open source, and free software provide opportunities to meet many of our needs or activities that already depend on or use technological tools. There are currently many mobile applications with the theme of yoga, for example virtual classes, or recommendations of asanas and sequences, which are an opportunity for Yogapp.

Instead of competing, let’s share.