Who can join? Is it necessary to become a partner?

Any natural or legal person who wishes to do so and meets the requirements agreed in the constituent assembly and established in the by laws can be a partner. It is not necessary or mandatory, but joining gives a series of additional benefits. Yogacoop classes and services are open to the general public.

What types of partnership are there?

User or consumer partner. It is the student or practitioner of yoga, who wants to learn or improve his practice with the guidance of a professional to teach him

Worker partner. Is the yoga teacher who receives remuneration for his professional work as well as an employee who performs management or maintenance activities

Collaborator partner. It can be a person or entity: a yoga studio that provides some service to the community, or provider, or a teacher who prefers to maintain their self-employed regime (with the benefit of tax reduction for being an autonomous member of a cooperative). It can be a natural or legal person that does not participate directly in the collectivized activity but wants to contribute up its consecution or corporate purpose.

What benefits does each type of partner have?

All members participate in decision making, can be part of the governance bodies or vote for those who are part of them.


As a user/consumer partner you access to lower fees, discounts, and gifts than a non-associated user; You can also receive in species or cash part of the annual economic surplus according to your year consumption ammount.

As a worker partner, in addition to the remuneration and benefits of law, you can also receive in species or cash part of the annual economic surpluses.

As a collaborating partner, if you are a freelancer, in addition to your compensation, you pay less in your social security fees for being a member of a cooperative. As an entity you can receive, in addition to the payment of your services, a return if you have made an investment in the cooperative, if so established in the statutes.

What is the legal figure of Yogacoop?

Currently, is an informal association with the intention, once all the conditions have been met, to become a cooperative

What is a cooperative?

According to the International Cooperative Alliance ‘a cooperative is an autonomous association of people who have voluntarily joined together to address their economic, social and cultural needs and aspirations, through a jointly and democratically controlled company.’

What characteristics will the Yogacoop cooperative have?

There are many types of cooperatives. The proposal is that to be an Integral Cooperative, which allows it to have several types of members and widely communalize all activities related to the world of yoga.

How can I get more information and / or associate?

Come to the preparatory briefings of the constituent assembly. Follow the news, information, or notices of new meetings on our twitter and instagram accounts: @Yogacoop1