What is Yogacoop?

1. A self-managed community of teachers, users, and yoga studios

Freedom. Any person can be a member if they wish and make the contribution agreed in the constituent assembly

2. Common property of its workers, users, and collaborators

Equality. The owners of the organization are its members

3. With democratic and assembly organization

Autonomy. Each member has one vote to make decisions, to elect, or to be elected as a leader

4. A fair community that seeks the integral well-being of its members

Equity. We distribute the collectively generated wealth among us, to have greater social security

5. With an organizationally applied yogic philosophy

Awareness and Conciuosness. Personal and collective realisation through our work, selfless action, and detachment from the fruit of our actions.

6. Where we revalue our work and dedication

Interdependence. With mutual help and intercooperation we give a new value to our effort

7. With social and community commitment

Solidarity. We link ourselves with kindness and diligence to our natural environment and the society that surrounds us