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a new Ecosophy

Money is a human artifice, a social convention, a simple symbol, which allows us to exchange products and services, and on which we depend irremediably to satisfy our needs and desires in a social manner. But we don’t need the money itself, but the products and services we get with it. It is time to question how this technology is created and distributed, and how its artificial scarcity makes greed and competition to grow, dehumanizing individuals and societies in its path. In each economic crisis we should realize how our productive and reproductive capacity, our workforce and our resources, remain intact, and the only thing missing, and that prevents the circulation of our products and services, is money.

That is why the project of a social currency to take care of each other, an exchange facilitator designed to build community, is so relevant. Namaste is a word that comes from Sanskrit and means reverence, veneration, a very dignified and respectful greeting; so it is a beautiful symbol to represent the exchange between people, the act of giving and receiving, reciprocity. Transfiguring the act of exchanging an object to a greeting reminds us of the flow of matter to sustain life and spirit, what is really important, the ultimate end of existence. As a yogic and supportive community, the use of such a symbolic act is intended to generate collective abundance and its sharing.

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